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Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia



Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800,

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan,

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  Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) or formerly known as Islamic University College of Malaysia (KUIM) is the 12th Public Higher Education Institution (IPTA) in Malaysia. KUIM was approved by the Cabinet on 11 June 1997 and made public on 13 March 1998. KUIM started its operations in January 2000 at 5th Floor, Faculty of Islamic Studies Building, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. The first enrolment for KUIM began on 18 June 2000 in our temporary location at Institut Professional Baitulmal (IPB), Kuala Lumpur. In January 2002, KUIM moved to another temporary campus in Tower A and B, Persiaran MPAJ, Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur. Currently, KUIM is operating in stages at a permanent campus in Bandar Baru Nilai starting 15 July 2005. KUIM was officially upgraded to USIM on 1 February 2007, in line with the government’s aim to upgrade the development of higher education to an international level.

Among the objectives of the establishment of USIM are to uphold and enhance Islamic studies, bring Islamic Studies into the national main education stream, emphasize the use of information technology in education and research systems. Focus is also put in mastering Arabic and English language as well as the national language.

At present, USIM have 8 faculties with 18 academic programmes. The academic programmes are focused and developed with the idea that Islamic studies should be taken as a base for all academic programmes and it should cover and surpass all branches of knowledge that includes economy, law, syariah, language, dakwah, management, Quran and Sunnah, Fiqh, counseling, communication, medicine, science & information technology, dentistry and accounting. Through this unique approach, it is hoped that wider opportunities for Islamic stream students are open and these graduates will not be too confounded on the traditional scope of Islamic Studies per se.

Knowledgeable, Disciplined and Devout

The integration of naqli and akli knowledge along with good character development will be the main platform for educating an excellent generation and a knowledgeable society.

The integration of naqli and akli knowledge along with good character development will be the main platform for educating an excellent generation and a knowledgeable society.

Fostering academic excellence and an ummah able to contribute towards human progress, nation building and the advancement of the world.

To be a leading centre of Islamic studies that utilizes advanced approaches and ICT to explore issues for the well-being and harmony of society and Islam.

  Our Programs
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The faculties of USIM are :

Faculty of Science and Technology
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies
Faculty of Syariah and Law
Faculty of Economic and Muamalat
Faculty of Leadership and Management
Faculty of Major Language Studies
Tamhidi Centre (Matriculation)
Centre for Graduate Studies
Centre for General Studies
The World Fatwa Management and Research Institute (INFAD)
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Fitness Centre   Well Equipped Library   Free wifi
Cafeteria   Discussion Rooms   Sports Arena
Resource Centre   Computer Labs   Swimming Pool
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Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia - USIM

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Islamic Science University of Malaysia - Convo

Malaysia College and University

Islamic Science University of Malaysia - Nilai

Islamic Science University of Malaysia

Islamic Science University of Malaysia - USIM


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