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  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  About the course

Mechanical Engineering has the broadest employability options of all engineering disciplines. It is a discipline concerned with the design, construction, commissioning, testing and implementation of machines and integrated structures, providing expert knowledge in fields as diverse as design of power generation systems, automobile design and manufacturing, refrigeration and air conditioning, aerospace technology, vibration control and analysis, system modelling and simulation, advanced materials technology, rapid prototyping, mechanics of materials and manufacturing processes.

The course is designed to train and equip students with the sound technical knowledge and practical skills required of a Mechanical Engineer in any of the variety of roles within these essential industries. Graduates may also work in other areas such as research and development, testing and maintenance, industrial products marketing, consultancy, and education.

  Course subjects
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  Introduction to Mathematics for Engineer
Materials Science
Electrical Technology
Engineering Drawing
Introduction to Engineering Mechanics
Structured Programming
Engineering Workshop
Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics
Material and Manufacturing Technology
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Dynamics and Vibration
tress Analysis
Engineering Thermodynamics
Energy Management
Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Electronic Manufacturing
Advanced CAD/CAM
Machine Design
Finite Element Analysis
Mechanical Engineering Design and Computer Aided Engineering
Introduction to Engineering Management
Instrumentation and Process Control
Heat Transfer
Mechanical Engineering Design Project
Computational Fluid Dynamics
New Product Development
  Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 25,000 - RM 40,000
  Duration : 3 Years
  Entry Requirements : SPM, Certificate, Foundation Studies
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  • Subjects, fees, duration and entry requirements may vary according to the institutes.
  • Students are advised to seek professional study counselorís help before choosing the course of study.
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