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  Certificate in Legal Practice - CLP
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Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)
  About the course


The Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) is the qualifying examination for admission to the Malaysian Bar. It is aimed at providing the law graduate with the opportunity to learn the practical skills required to become an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

  Subjects may offered
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Bachelors Degree
  • General Paper (Tort)
  • General Paper (Contract)
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Civil Procedure
  • Professional Practice
  • Evidence
  Expected Fee, Duration & Entry Requirements

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  Expected Fee : RM 4,000 - RM 15,000
  Duration : 1 Year
  Entry Requirements : SPM or Equivalent
Candidates must have a minimum 3 credits for their SPM or equivalent examination. Examinations regarded as equivalent to the SPM are:

1. GCE 'O' Level examination by U.K. Boards.
2. Unified Examination Certificate.
3. Singapore - Cambridge GCE 'O' Level.
4. School Certificate examination in Australia.
5. School Certificate examination in New Zealand.

STPM or Equivalent
Candidates are required to have a minimum 2 principal passes at the STPM or equivalent examination. Equivalent examinations are:

1. 'A' Levels passes (passes at advanced level) by the U.K. Boards.
2. Unified Examination Certificate.
3. Singapore - Cambridge GCE 'A' Levels.
4. Australian Matriculation examination.
5. New Zealand Bursaries examination.

In addition, the minimum 2 principal passes must be obtained at one and the same sitting in an examination conducted by one and the same examination board. It must also be preceded by a study of a minimum duration of one academic year.

Foundation Courses
South Australian Matriculation
SAM is accepted as the equivalent to the STPM or 'A' Levels examination and is recognised for entry to the CLP examination.

Mature Students
Candidates must have a minimum of 3 credits at SPM or equivalent PLUS five (5) years of meaningful and proven work experience (in lieu of the STPM or equivalent examination).

They have to be assessed and judged to be suitable for entry to a law degree by a panel of the admitting university. In addition, the Qualifying Board must be informed in writing by that panel of the reasons for accepting that student.

Academic Year - Definition
The duration of an academic year is based on the British university's academic year. This is from October to June (with the summer vacation from July to September).

In the American university system, one academic year consists of 2 semesters. Each semester is of six months' duration, with an examination at the end of each semester.

Law Degree - Nature
A candidate's law degree must consist of a minimum of twelve (12) substantive law subjects. Six (6) of these must be core subjects of:

1. Law of Contract.
2. Law of Torts.
3. Constitutional Law.
4. Criminal Law.
5. Land Law.
6. Equity and Trusts.

Each of the core subjects must be studied for one academic year.

From 1 January 2001, any law degree of less than three years' duration spent in the study of law is NOT recognised for entry to the CLP examination (however, those already registered for such a law degree before 1 January 2001 are not affected).

External Law Degree - University of London
Those registered for the University of London's external law degree after 31 December 2001 must obtain at least a Second Class Lower degree to qualify for entry to the CLP.

The degree is to be obtained within six years' of registration.

Joint Degrees - Status
A degree where two or more distinct and different disciplines are studied together or combined into one degree is regarded as a joint degree.

These are not recognised for the CLP EXCEPT where the duration is for 5 years or more AND a minimum of 12 substantive law subjects (including the six core) are studied.

Twinning Degrees - Requirements
Candidates may spend a maximum of two academic years' study in Malaysia, followed by a minimum of one academic year of study at the twinning university.

The curriculum and coverage of the two academic years' study in Malaysia must be the same as that conducted internally by the twinning university.

The curriculum and coverage must also be validated annually and supervised by the twinning university.

Finally, the two academic years' study in Malaysia must be approved by the Ministry of Education or any body established by statute for that purpose.

Transfer Degrees - Status
A law degree of a student who fails at one university and transfers to another university without having to start afresh is NOT recognised for the CLP.

However, the law degree of a student who had failed at one university but completes it at another university by starting afresh is recognised.
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