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  Courses offered in Malaysia
  Accounting & Finance    
  ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants   Degree in Accounting
  LLCI   Degree in Finance
  CAT - Certified Accounting Technician   Degree in Accounting & Finance
  Diploma in Accounting   Degree in Financial Planning
  Malaysia Higher Learning Study Guide
  A-Levels & Pre-University      
  Cambridge A-Levels   Canadian Pre-University
  GCE A-Levels Edexcel   South Australian Matriculation
  STPM   Australian Matriculation
  Foundation Studies   Local Matriculation
  United Examination Certificate      
  Malaysia Higher Learning Course Guide
  Allied Healthcare      
  Diploma in Medical Imaging   Degree in Medical Imaging
  Diploma in Healthcare Management   Degree in Healthcare Management
  Diploma in Environmental Health   Degree in Environmental Health & Safety
  Diploma in Biomedical Science   Degree in Biomedical Science
  Diploma in Occupational Safety   Degree in Occupational Safety
  Diploma in Occupational Therapy   Degree in Occupational Therapy
  Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine   Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  Diploma in Pharmacy   Degree in Pharmacy
  Diploma in Paramedic   Degree in Paramedic
  Malaysia Higher Learning University College Guide
  Architecture, Building & Construction      
  Diploma in Architecture   Degree in Architecture
  Diploma in Quantity Surveying   Degree in Quantity Surveying
  Diploma in Construction Management   Degree in Construction Management
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  Business & Management      
  Diploma in Business Management   Degree in Business Management
  Diploma in International Business Management   Degree in International Business Management
  Diploma in Marketing Management   Degree in Marketing Management
  Diploma in Business Administration   Degree in Business Administration
  Diploma in Economics   Degree in Economics
  Diploma in Management   Degree in Management
  Diploma in Marketing   Degree in Marketing
  Malaysia College and University Course Guide
  Communication, Human Resource & Journalism      
  Diploma in Mass Communications   Degree in Mass Communications
  Diploma in Human Resource Management   Degree in Human Resource Management
  Diploma in Human Resource Development   Degree in Human Resource Development
  Diploma in Journalism   Degree in Journalism
  Malaysia College Guide
  Computing and Information Technology      
  Diploma in Information Technology   Degree in Information technology
  Diploma in Software Engineering   Degree in Software Engineering
  Diploma in Internet Technology   Degree in Internet Technology
  Diploma in Enterprise Computing   Degree in Enterprise Technology
  Diploma in E-Commerce Technology   Degree in E-Commerce Technology
  Malaysia University Guide
  Degree Transfer Program      
  American Degree Transfer Program     Australian Degree Transfer Program
  UK Degree Transfer Program      
  Malaysia University Guide
  Design & Arts      
  Diploma in Graphic Design   Degree in Graphic Design
  Diploma in Interior Design   Degree in Interior Design
  Diploma in Fashion Design   Degree in Fashion Design
  Diploma in Industrial Design   Degree in Industrial Design
  Diploma in Interactive & Animation Design   Degree in Interactive & Animation Design
  Malaysia University
  Diploma in Electrical Electronics Engineering   Degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering
  Diploma in Mechanical Engineering   Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  Diploma in Mechatronics   Degree in Mechatronics
  Diploma in Chemical Engineering   Degree in Chemical Engineering
  Diploma in Civil Engineering   Degree in Civil Engineering
  Diploma in Aerospace Engineering   Degree in Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering
  Diploma in Automotive Engineering   Degree in Automotive Engineering
  Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering   Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
  Malaysia Universities
  Hospitality & Tourism      
  Diploma in Hospitality Management   Degree in Hospitality Management
  Diploma in Culinary Arts   Degree in Culinary Arts
  Diploma in Tourism Management   Degree in Tourism Management
  Law Degree in Malaysia
  Language Program      
  IELTS   Degree in English Language
  Diploma in TESOL      
  Study Medicine in Malaysia
  LLB - University of London   Bachelor of Jurisprudence
  Certificate in Legal Practice - CLP      
  Malaysia Degree
  Medicine, Dentistry       
  Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)   Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  Doctor of Medicine (MD)      
  Malaysia International Studies
  Music & Film Making      
  Diploma in Recording Arts   Degree in Recording Arts
  Diploma in Creative Media Arts   Degree in Creative Media Arts
  Diploma in Digital Film Arts   Degree in Digital Film Arts
  Diploma in Music   Degree in Music
  Colleges offering diploma in Malaysia
  Nursing &  Physiotherapy      
  Diploma in Nursing   Degree in Nursing
  Diploma in Physiotherapy   Degree in Physiotherapy
  Malaysia University Degree
  Science & Biotechnology      
  Diploma in Biotechnology   Degree in Biotechnology
  Diploma in Forensic Science   Degree in Forensic Science
  Forensic Science in Malaysia
  Secretarial Studies      
  Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators   Executive Secretarialship
  IT course in Malaysia
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